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"Making Dreams Happen Since 2006"

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About Equity Property Investments

Brad Meyer, owner of Equity Property Investments, is excited to serve you! With 30 years in the terrazzo, resinous flooring & natural stone industry at Terrazzo & Marble Supply and Domus Terrazzo Supply, Brad Meyer has extensive knowledge of the industry. 

Brad graduated from Valparaiso University (Go Crusaders!) in 1991 with a BS in Finance and minor in German. He began his career with Terrazzo & Marble shortly after. During his time as North American Sales Manager, Brad was able to become an expert in the industry while growing lasting business partnerships and friendships at the same time. 

For nearly 30 years, Brad applied the simple professional ethic of working hard while exercising an unmatched respect for those who succeeded in business before him to accumulate an amazing “book of business”. (circa Jerry Meyer, his father)













-Commercial & Residential Contract Review/Mediation

-General Contracting/Construction Services

-Forensic Investigation/Inspection Services (construction materials review, sourcing & “before/during/after” consultation/remediation)

-Architectural Institute of America (AIA) (Industry Professional “continuing education provider”)

-Board of Director Tenure (extensive background serving on BOD’s from condominium boards to various construction trade associations)

-Jobsite/Project Inspection Review

-Small to Medium Sized Business Consulting (comprehensive analysis of your existing business model which will offer insight as to ways to grow your business through strategic sales initiatives)

-Research & Development (detailed investigation/probe into the potential success/failure of proposed new construction materials including feedback from leaders in the specification, architectural & design communities)

-Real Estate Purchase & Refinance

-New construction as well as remodels

-Marble, Granite, Quartz Surfacing & Porcelain Countertops & Flooring

-Terrazzo, Resinous & Concrete Interior/Exterior Construction Finishes

-Minority Construction Services

-Corporate/Personal Event Planning (Strategic Planning Events for small/medium business, VIP Customer Events including rooftop events, golf trips (Pebble Beach to Dublin Ireland), fishing/hunting excursions, Celebrity Charity Outings & Special Concert Venues

We look forward to hearing from you! 

To Contact:

(630) - 923 - 2642

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